question about repeated listings of same item

  1. I don't understand, so I ask you.
    I won an auction a couple of weeks ago, it was for a preowned bag.
    Now the bag has arrived, it was in good condition and I gave positive feedback.
    The weird thing is that now there's exactly the same auction from the same seller again active.
    So, maybe she sent me another bag, instead of the one in the pictures (which is possible, because the bag of the listing appeared Balenciaga bordeaux, while the one I received looks Bal. rouge theatre..and it's even better for me, but this is not the point).. or maybe the next buyer will receive a similar bag, but not the same of the listing.:confused1:
    I hope my question makes sense... I'm sorry for my english.
    The seller is a reputable one, MPRS, and I've already written her, to have an explanation.
    If you're selling preowned bags, pictures are crucial, IMO: it's not correct using the same pictures for similar bags, because they will never be 100% the same.
    What do you think?
  2. That's definitely not right. The pictures in the auction should be exactly what you're going to receive. Let us know what her explanation is.
  3. You deserve an explanation. Please keep us posted. :yes:
  4. Good morning!
    Yes, she replied me: she told me she's selling another bag, just like mine.
    Adding: " I looked at the pictures for the two maroon Balenciaga.

    If I'm not wrong, your bag number is (2nd line on the mirror tag) - 7902 Z

    The bag currently on auction's number - 3745 Z

    Hope that clarifies it."

    Now I've understood she's selling another bag, similar to mine, that was clear. The point is that if you use the same pictures for preowned bags, it is not correct.
    And it's surprising, because she's a reputable seller, I don't even know if it's fair to paste here the links.
    But the auctions are ABSOLUTELY THE SAME! :shrugs:
  5. Still, that's not right, each auction should depict the ACTUAL BAG being sold. That can almost be an "item not as described" potential right there, since the numbers don't match up. I'd think an MPRS would know better.
  6. Yes, that's the point:
    The bag I received is even better than what I was expecting, so I don't want to send it back.
    But another member of the Balenciaga Forum would like to buy the other one and I have no idea of what she's going to receive!
    Potentially, I could also ask for a refund and send back the item, because it was not as described. eBay is definitely a strange world... but I'm happy anyway, because the bag I received is very hard to find and collectable and the seller could ask a higher price, but probably she didn't know. So in this situation, I've been a lucky girl!
    I only wanted to inform the PF of something that can happen buying 1000 dollars bags!
  7. Congrats Babi! :yahoo: Maybe you can post a link or post a warning in the bbag forum to warn other tpfers. MPRS sellers should know better. Actual pictures of the item up for sale should always be used.
  8. Hi leanbeanee!!
    Yes, I did it. There was another tpfer who wanted to buy that bag, hoping it was a rouge theatre like mine and luckily she asked the seller more information.
    Luckily because the seller admitted that the second bag is darker than the one I received.
    So now everything is ok: the listed bag is the one of the photographs... the one I won was different, but even better... AH AH AH :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    This time I've been lucky! I can't believe it!
    BTW.. glad your koala is still there! :smile:
  9. There is a MPRS that sells LVs and recycles pictures ALL OF THE TIME. Makes me feel uneasy. :hrmm: I don't think it's the same seller though bc if I recall the seller I'm talking about only sells LVs.