Question about repairs..


Dec 23, 2006
Los Angeles
I have been looking at some bags for sale on Ebay and I notice that some of them have an X on the creed. I am assuming that these were the defective ones that were sent to Marshalls and TJ Maxx and such. I could be wrong about that since none of mine have the X on them, but it is just a guess.

Anyways, my question is. If you purchase a bag that has an X on it and later on it breaks or needs a repair, will Coach repair it for you at all or will they not do anything about it since it was considered a defective bag? I was just wondering. I know the target mark is from the outlet and they repair those, but what about an X ? :confused1:


wake're alive
Sep 3, 2006
atlanta then anchorage in december!
an x bag is not defective- an x is just a bag that was at a store like tj maxx, marshall's, etc. (just a marker to show, basically, where it was purchased. like the bullseye from outlets, kwim?)

and i think we figured out coach wouldn't repair those, if i'm not mistaken?
Mar 1, 2007
Rocky Mountain High
I thought they would not be repaired because those stores are not recognized distributors. But - not all Coach bags at TJMAX have had their creed's stamped - I have seen several that have no marks at all.