Question about Repair

  1. I'm quite a newbie with MJ and I want to ask if ever I purchase a stam and I wanted to replace the handles because it's quite dirty, can I go to the shop to repair them? And do you guys have any rough estimate how much will it cost? Thanks!

  2. I wonder this too, I recently got a new stam ;] and ... hahaha I scratched the kiss-lock closure to it. It had to be the one that said Marc Jacobs too =[

    (I'm making a thread for it as we speak)
  3. Hmm, I never thought about replacing handles before, but I guess if you could find a good cobbler it would be worth a try. Artbag is reputable in NYC and does a lot of repair work. You may want to contact MJ online and see if they'll refer you to their handbag repair shop Moda Express.
  4. Because I found the right color of "white" stam that I've been looking for here in Hong Kong. But, the handles are scratched already. I have no idea where I can repair nor MJ's repairing their bags... Any idea? Here's the pic of the scratches..

  5. if you find out, please post here. i'd like to know too...
  6. I'd contact Moda Express directly. When I bought a used MP, I noticed one of the studs that secures the shoulder strap was missing, so I sent my bag to them for repair. It came back SO quickly, in a NEW dustbag and packed safely. And the poor man in charge of my repair was nice enough to humor the crazy lady (i.e. ME) with constant concerns about the welfare of her bag.

    This is who I contacted:
    Diego Atehortua
    Marc Jacobs Repairs
    201-325-0487 x3

    He was located at Moda Express in NJ. GREAT service, seriously awesome, and the bag came back as good as new. It's worth shooting an email his way, because you never know. The ONLY thing I paid for was shipping to him - the repair and the return shipping were free!
  7. so does he/the company do exclusive MJ repairs? im wondering if they can do strap repair...hardware is one thing, leather replacement is a whole different story...
  8. WOW! That's amazing! But do you have any idea if they do international shipping? Because I live in Hong Kong..
  9. I have no idea if they do international shipping - you should probably call them directly to ask.

    jun3 - As far as leather repair, I know they do some, but I'm not sure to what extent. But if it's just a replacement part, they may be able to help.

    If not, like thithi said, artbag is usually a good choice.
  10. ThiThi, I contacted the MJ online.. They said they don't repair nor refurbish.. :sad: Too bad.. Huhu..
  11. i would think they would...they'd have to have a leather supply somewhere to match leather...which is near impossible...