Question about refunding a buyer

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  1. A buyer messaged me saying that I measured the inseam wrong on a pair of jeans I sold. She says that I am more than an inch off from what I started in my ebay auction and demands a refund.

    I politely asked her to send me pictures of how she measured and I explained the way I measured. All she did was email me back and tell me that she measured the same way and that the jeans are just way too short for her.

    I am really wondering if they just don't fit and she wants to return them or she just has buyers remorse. I don't think I have ever measured inseams incorrectly and I definitely wouldn't be a whole inch off. Although it is possible that I could have made a typing error in my listing.

    What is also kind of bothering me is the fact that I checked the tracking and it says that the jeans are still enroute and not even delivered yet...I know there is some delay with USPS tracking, but usually when it gets delivered, it says delivered. This could also maybe explain why she won't provide me with pics

    I don't know if I am just being overly cautious because I've had so many issues with ebay buyers lately...or if I am just being unreasonable and paranoid.

    Would you refund her without seeing pictures of how she measured the inseam or if she even measured at all?
  2. Just ask for a pic of the trousers to check which ones they are. If she cant provide a pic that will let you know she hasnt received them
  3. she should send them back to you first before you refund anyway, but yes, ask for a picture, do you have a refund policy in the listing ?
    if you're positive you measured correctly, then let her open a dispute and let paypal deal with it .
  4. As a tip, I always measure as accurately as possible but I always state in my listing that measurements are approx.