Question about reds...

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  1. I bought a red bag from Aloha Rag last summer and Im not sure what that red is called. I recall there were color swatches with names by season on atelier.naff but those pictures seem to be gone now.

    Is there anywhere I can still see colors by season with the names on the color swatch charts?

    Also, what was the red called from Spring 2006?


  2. hmmm i think 2006 reds are bordeaux (sp?) and grenat...
  3. There were two reds released in 2006: grenat (the burgundy-like color), and rouge vif (bright red). I think you can see swatches and/or photos of all past season's colors in one of the Reference Library forums above.
  4. SPRING 2006: Rouille
    FALL 2006: Grenat (aka Bordeaux) and Rouge Vif.

    Which style did you buy? Because I know over the summer (last year) they still had some Rouge Theatre left from FW 2005.
  5. i bought the city in the rouge vif...