Question about receipts

  1. I'm sorry if this question was asked, I tried to search for an answer through the search box and looking at threads/posts that relate to my question but couldn't find any. Anyway, my question is...On the Coach Gift receipts is the item number of the coach item shown on there besides the upc #, even if it's a keychain/charm? T.I.A!!!! I know the original receipt have their item number on there but I've never gotten a gift receipt with my purchases so don't know about it.
  2. Out of all my Charm/Keyfob gift receipts, I've got 1 gift receipt that shows the Style # right above my Tax Rate but then I've got another gift receipt for a Charm that doesn't show any Style # at all nor any Tax Rate (and I can't find anything that resembles a style # on that receipt at all). So, I'm not sure if there is a "standard" of where the style # is located on a gift receipt. Good question!!
  3. sometimes is shows the style number, and sometimes it doesn't. as an associate, i'm not even sure why it shows sometimes and doesn't some other times. but if there isnt' a style number the sku number is always there, and the store can look everythign up from there.
  4. It depends on when the gift receipt is printed. If you tell them right away when they are ringing up the order, it should have the item number. If they print it up after you have the transaction receipt, it does not print the style number.

    That's the best I recollect it.