Question about Rebecca Minkoff MA bag


Jul 26, 2006
Does anyone have a Rebecca Minkoff MA bag from a few years ago? I have an older one and it looks like the hardware and tassels have changed a bit and I'm thinking of getting a newer one, but I haven't seen the new ones in person yet. How does everyone like theirs? Thanks!!


Aug 25, 2007
SF Bay Area, CA
Hey there! I have a Rebecca Minkoff MA mini from the first season they came out. There are a few small differences, like the hanging leather "tassels" that are connected to the zippers...the current MA and MA mini has thicker wider pieces, and the older MA's and MA mini's have very thin leather pieces (which I actually prefer) The hardware is a tad bit different, and is smaller in some places on the bag. The most important difference is the leather.

While all RM bags have excellent quality leather, I really think that her earlier pieces were absolutely exceptional. The leather on the earlier pieces was like velvet butter! Pebbled, super soft and smooshy, I have yet to see a bag with better leather than that. Her current leathers are awesome too. From what I have noticed, some come in a slightly pebbled leather and others come with a slight shine/sheen to them, but neither IMO has come to the type of leather in the MA mini I have been discussing. Even so, that hasnt stopped me from buying an MA in chocolate, 3 MA Mini's in Dark Gray, Tomato, Royal Blue with Brown Basketweave, and 2 of the MA hobos in Chocolate and Royal! The classic lines of the MA and MA mini enable a woman to carry the bag in a variety of situations and look effortlessly cool, classy, and chic. My RM bags are staples in my wardrobe; my most important handbags, and my favorite handbags, which is why I have more of her bags than any other brand. The timeless appeal of the bag enables me to simply pick a color that goes best with my outfit, and simply walk out the door. I say this because the MA is very pretty much goes with anything and everything and ultimately, it lends a dose of "sexy" to your ensemble of choice.

Anyhoo, sorry for blabbering....back to your post.....

So yes, to answer your question, the tassels and the hardware have changed somewhat, but if your bag is as wonderful as mine is, I would definitely hold onto it...and perhaps buy another as well!

Hope that helps!

The MA Mini I am talking about above is the Navy Blue one in the top right corner of the first pic. The other pic shows the thinner strap I am talking about and it also shows the color as much brighter but that is due to camera flash. It is a true, deep, dark navy blue with a navy blue soft cotton interior (which can be seen in the picture of the Rebecca Minkoff nameplate)



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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
the leather on your blue bag looks a lot like the leather on my black/blue Matinee bag. I haven't seen another RM with leather quite like it - velvety soft, smooth, a little thicker and very squishy! When I was deciding which bag to buy, they had one other MAB with very soft leather (unlike all the others) - It may have been Saddle, but I'm not sure. The color and leather reminded me a lot of Gustto's Caramel Setela bag - super super soft and thinner.