Question about reail stores autheticating bags

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  1. Hi there, I'm selling my balenciaga bag this evening, I have the original receipt but the buyer wants me to meet them at holt renfrew. My girlfriend that works there told me that legally they are not allowed to "autheticate" bags.

    Is that true?

    I will post pictures of my bag on here for authetication (even though I know it's real I bought it at holts) and I will show this to my buyer
  2. I know they cant put anything in writing, but at LV a manager will look the bag over and tell you if it is authentic or not. I would think any designer boutique could do the same for their bags. Maybe you should call ahead and ask....?
  3. I've read on here that the stores do not authenticate for legal reasons.
  4. She better off authenticating it here at TPF in the bal thread. The SAs at Holt don't know much about bal bags. I was in the Vancouver Holt and I was giving the customer more info about that bag. I think i knew more than they do.

    To answer your question, I doubt that they can authenticate it. They will just say it looks fine but don't think they can put that in writing. I'm sure whoever buys your bag will be able to tell. Good luck!