Question About Re-Stretching of Shoes

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  1. I have these YSL strappy heels which I totally love for summer. The problem is that when I tried them on this weekends, one of feet must have widened or something, because it no longer goes in the shoe at all! I think the wide strap that crosses the foot would have to be stretched about 1/4 inch. The problem is I already stretched these once when I bought them. Do you think it's possible 1)to stretch them that much? 1/4" seems a lot and 2)to stretch them again when they've already been stretched once? Just how much CAN shoes be stretched?
  2. I was told by a lady in a formal gallery gown boutique that to stretch heels you need to let a man wear them for a while. Now the hard part is talking one into it.....
  3. Ha! Maybe size 8 or 9. Mine are 6--I don't know any guys who could fit into them!
  4. Lol!
  5. Don't you think they might soften a bit if you wear them regularely around the house for a while? Maybe they are just stiff from sitting in your closet since last summer - if you had them stretched then, they might have lost some of the width during winter. I have never heard of feet getting wider - it must be the shoes...
  6. you can ask to re-stretch them... ask the pros they know! I've done it before on my own shoes... its worth a try
  7. if your husband/boyfriend/boy friend has a similar shoe size to yours, get their shoe tree and put it in your shoe over night - you may have to repeat for a few nights - but it general works great and stretches them slowly as not to leave marks :smile:
  8. why don't you just take it to a shoemaker- they will professionally stretch the shoes the way you want.
    I have a pair of MJ's on the stretcher at my shoemaker right now!:smile:
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