Question about rain

  1. I am going to New York this weekend and want to take my Kelly with me. However, my mom told me that it is supposed to rain all weekend. Since I will be walking a lot, should I not take my bag. I really want to carry it but I don't want to ruin it. I don't think that the raincoat looks very helpful either. Any advice??
  2. I live in NY and it is my understanding it is only supposed to rain on Friday. Today we have beautiful sunshine. Other than Friday the weekend is supposed to be nice. Have fun in NYC this weekend!
  3. Dianagrace, I've tried these raincoats on my bags (never actually used them, however) but the handles are still exposed. If I were you I wouldn't carry your Kelly in the rain. Some ladies don't mind but IMHO I'd rather protect my investment and take a bag that can withstand raindrops. Have fun in NYC!
  4. Leave it home...bring something that you don't have to worry about! Stress free...enjoy yourself OR...carry it only at night when you dine out etc.
  5. Thanks ladies. I guess I will pack it but bring a Longchamp in case it rains.
  6. It depends a lot on what leather your bag is; I've had problems only with box in the rain, textured leathers don't seem to mind it...Couldn't you take your Kelly and another bag for the rain ? To be on the safe side..;)
  7. Thanks Duna. Mine is togo so maybe it would do better but I am going to take a Longchamp too.
  8. oh man i miss NYC
  9. I think bringing a Longchamp is a great idea! It hardly takes up any extra room too! Enjoy the city!!!
  10. I just had Mizz Kelly in a tad bit of drizzle and I thought I'd have a heart-attack.....and she's togo. Didn't think of the rain for the box Bolide....hmmmm. Anyway, I'd bring the Kelly for sure and then pack the other bag in case. And no matter what the weather, you'll have a GREAT time in N.Y! Have FUN and report back what you see at the Hermes Boutique!
  11. Well, last Friday I was cought by surprise and had to battle a thunderstorm mixed with BIG rain drops! I also thought I was going to die! I can handle being drenched by the rain but not my baby! so I tucked her under my skirt and ran!!!!!! it looked so funny, thank god I had shorts under! Well my baby was fine, I wiped it with a clean cloth when I got to my car and BHHAAAMM,.... she was back to normal.

    It's only supposed to rain tomorrow a lil, so I wouldn't worry about it, bring it and flaunt it!!!! Besides, this is New York,... you always see us crazy Kelly and Birkin owners out in the rain with our babies, drenched with nipples showing and great handbags and shoes,... and designer umbrellas!

    Also bring more than 2 bags!
  12. I agree with Baggaholic...just enjoy your beautiful Kelly and NYC is the perfect place to do so! I brought my black box Bolide when it was new to Chicago and the window washers on the John Hancock dripped water on my bag and it was perfectly sunny outside so you can never tell what might happen. The water dried up and maybe left a little mark but I kept on using it and loving it anyway!! My box Bolide has been refurbished twice and is getting more beautiful with every rain drop and scratch...don't hide it anymore...use it and enjoy it in good health. dianagrace...can't wait to hear about NYC!!
  13. The Longchamp Les Pliages is a perfect companion. If you have the large size, you may be able to fold it up inside your Kelly, Then, if it rains, unfold it and put Mizz Kelly inside of IT!
  14. that idea!!:love:
  15. Ditto. You know that if you leave it home it will never rain at all:lol: