question about rain and vachetta

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  1. ok so i would NEVER take my bh out if i thought it would rain. but of course i wore it yesterday and as i got off the bus to come home from work- it was raining! i tried to cover the straps but i got a drop or two on the handles. it's BRAND NEW! sniffle. i looked at it this morning and you can't really tell but i'm worried that when it turns you will be able to see the drops. is there anything i can do now to stop it? :sad:
  2. No worries. Unless it got soaked you will be ok.
    I wore my piano out in the rain and snow. althought not new it will still get marked, and nothing. I was surprised.

    I was caught with my denim speedy and almost had a heart attack, my b/f's mother thought i was out of my mind when i stuffed the bag under his hoodie to keep it dry.
    I was amazed but what rain did get on it was gone when it dried :smile:
  3. oh i went to the bank from the bus and took my coat off and wore my bag underneath. no more chancing it getting wet! lol
  4. Lol
  5. I think i've given up on keeping my bags out of the rain... it just rains too much here!
  6. I'm not that worried about rain anymore, it rarely leaves any visible stains. HOWEVER I could kick myself that I spilled makeup at a makeup counter on my cerises speedy and sure enough down the vachetta part... it was quite a lot darker and with oils and whatnot, what can you do? Now it has lightened again to some extent. Phew!
    So rain I can handle...:yes:
  7. I can completely understand your "rain concerns".
    I may be kind of differerent than most of you -- I'm not a dark vachetta gal :wtf: I like to keep my bags looking as new as possible for the longest time
    So I use my epi bags in the rain and keep my mono for sunny days.
  8. i know exactly how ya feel! i was so sad when i got rain drops on the handles of my speedy! next time, i'm gonna carry a plastic bag in my speedy!
  9. When I got caught in a little sprinkle with my mono speedy i took my jacket off, covered my bag and got my hair wet....hahaha...things we do for our babies!
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  10. It was really misty last week (unexpectedly) and I had my Framboise Vernis Houston. My straps got pretty spotty but its completely dried now and there are no marks. I don't treat my bags, either.
  11. I was caught in the pouring rain with my mono speedy and thought it would be ruined but after it dried, you couldn't see anything. Of course, it does have a medium patina so I'm sure that helped. So I guess it's best to use your bag and let it darken some before going out in the rain.
  12. My Speedy too, unfortunately she took the rain many time in the same day entering and exiting from some offices and always dried without any mark :wlae:
  13. I got fresh raspberry juicy on my handles, it was bright red, but after 1 month the red faded into oblivion, kinda amazing

    anyway if I know/see that it rains heavily i chose a different bag, if there is a chance and it really starts to rain, well be it, it's gotta be used, the drops will leave some character on it :P
  14. don't worry- it's ok. i had a little accident by the sea and got salt water all over my mono bucket bag- my DH promised me a new one if it got wrecked.... no new bag. nothing. no stains - nada...
  15. hmmm, vachetta is so high-maintenance. but it's also so luxurious-looking- i like the way it looks.