Question about Quilted Elastic Stam

  1. I just received my new green elastic stam! It is the most fabulous green. Love. love love it! I ordered it from eluxury and scored a great price, but I noticed that the bag doesn't have that yummy leather smell most MJ bags have. I don't know if it is the finish on the leather or maybe it is the shipping material since the box has a weird smell - sort of like what new electronics smell like. Does anyone have advice/info about this?
  2. Some of my icy and patent finished leathers don't have that typical leather smell. I think it's because of the plasticized finish on the leather. I wouldn't worry in your case, since the elastic stams have a patent type of finish.
  3. I got this one in blue from Shopbop, and it does have a smell, I thought it was the leather, but now that you say so, it does smell like new electronics....

    btw, do you mind saying how much you got it for?
  4. I have the same exact bag and LOVE it, the color is amazing. I got it at Nordstroms so the leather smell wasn't so fully there anymore cause it was out on the floor for a bit I'm gathering. I did smell some hint of leather in spots however...I think it is the type, as thithi said..nothing to worry about...and sometimes boxes can snuff out a strong smell in some cases?

    Enjoy it and congrats, it's an amazing bag we've got...Boy George has one too, and well...if anyone has the same bag as The George, you know that person's gotta rock. (but not in the capturing a german male and keeping him captive in your house kinda way of course...lmao)! :heart: