question about quilted black stam

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  1. after much thought, i am considering a quilted black stam for my next bag (which of course won't be anytime soon) and as the perfect "black bag". now being new to mj, would it be possible to get a quilted black stam at the stores or would i have to go through eBay? also, are there many variations of the quilted black stam? any feedback wouldbe appreciated. thanks in advance!
  2. You can always get them new in stores because they always make black quilted. As far as variations I would check out the ref. library. I think there has been some variation in the stitching color(right? it was chocolate on the black quilted for resort 07 I thought). There has also been different leathers, icy, patent(on the elastic quilted)etc. Oh, and the stam in black patchwork.
    There is also the black quilted, Baby Stam, Kid, E/W, Stam Hobo. . .Def. check the ref library as I am no expert.
    Have fun!
  3. oopsie! I thought you meant patchwork. My bad. Edited to remove my post, spacey is right!
  4. black stams come out every season (spring/summer, fall/winter, and resort) so it is fairly easy to find them at NM, Nordies, Bloomies, Saks, or the MJ store.

    as for variations, usually its with the stitchings. if im not mistaken MJ made the stitching lighter for the resort black stam.
    the leather doesnt really vary, unless you happen to find an original fall 2005 black stam which came out in icey leather(very glossy finish) and nappa leather (its kind of a matte finish). HTH :flowers:
  5. the leather does seem to vary a bit. some black stams are glossier than others depending on the season. my friend has a fall 06 black stam and hers is more matte than the one my mother has from resort 07. i prefer the more current, shinier leather stams.

    as for the interior lining, fall 05 had burgundy suede with the antique gold hardware and subsequent releases all had polished gold hardware. interiors ranged from white canvas to grey and most recently a burnt orange brown.

    there are a few black stams on eBay, but it's been faked, so be careful! make sure you post the listing in the 'authenticate this marc jacobs' thread above. if you're lucky, you can score one on sale at a nordstrm rack or other department store outlet. lovekoobabags recently got hers for a little under $200!
  6. I got the hobo style of the Stam because I was concerned about the closure on the kisslock ones. I would avoid ebay and call the MJ number from the MJ website and ask where one is.
  7. I would search ebay and always be sure to authenticate a bag before bidding on one.
  8. Not sure if the MJ stores have Black Quilted in stock. You can give them a call and have them search their database. I love my Black Stam It is such a great bag you can wear with jeans, suits or for evening. Really a great investment piece that you'll have forever.