question about quality issue on Mombasa... any help appreciated..

  1. Hi! I usually post on the Balenciaga forum but I have a feeling i will be posting here often as well as I am falling in love with YSL all over again. :heart:

    I have a Mombasa from a while ago (2004 or 2005 perhaps) and recently brought it out again and noticed that the leather loops where the rings attach to the body of the bag are sort of crackling underneath. The leather on the outside is fine, but the bottom layers under it have separated and are now many different think layers and are sort of cracking. I guess it doesn't look that bad, but I definitely didn't expect this, as I hardly use the bag. It is the light beige/cream color and you can see from the fact that it is pristine that I hardly use it. I wonder if using it more over time will create the same effect throughout the strap going around it? I think it is because those parts where the look are get more wear, but still. Do you think i could take it to the store? they are always so snotty (i am in Italy, where the concept of customer service is very different). Also, i think if they know the bag is from 2004 they will look at me like "what do you expect?!"... but if any one else has had this problem, please let me know... and let me know if you have ever brought it to their attention. I will try to post pics tonight! thanks a million!:smile:
  2. just wanted to update: took the bag in today and a nice but a little snooty salesman told me that if I wasn't positive that it was purchased in the last two years, then it might be useless. They only do repairs for bags sold less than 2 years... anything else is considered "general wear". I said that I don't mind PAYING to get it fixed, and that in any case you can see from the bag that it is hardly used! and he said even paying they won't repair anything......

    I really expected more out of the customer service... things like this make me love LV, as they have NEVER questioned any service problems.

    All that said, it didn't stop me from drooling over the bags in there today.

    I am thinking of taking the bag to a shoe repair service to see if they can simply glue the pieces together to keep it from continuing down the side. i love the bag!

    thanks for reading:flowers:
  3. Hi Aida!

    Welcome to YSL-TPF!
    So sorry you had a bad experience with YSL customer service in Italy. :tdown:

    I am not sure what kind of YSL customer guarantee or service we have here in the states, but I will try to find out, now that you brought up your experience.

    Thanks for posting your concern and I hope others that have the Mombasa will respond.
  4. Good luck with working with a shoe repair to have your Mombasa fixed, aida. While I know that boutiques can't guarantee their bags indefinitely, it is too bad that they couldn't even handle a repair for which you were willing to pay.

    Definitely let us know how the repairs go if you do find someone to work on your bag!
  5. Thanks so much for your responses! I was wondering if maybe a better bet might be to take the bag to a boutique in the US, as i doubt they would turn down a customer wanting to pay for a repair there. I found my tag on the bag and it is from 2004, so it is really valid to say that the bag *is* almost 4 years old. But i really think I bought it in summer 2005 and i have really hardly used it! In any case, if I find a shoe repair place that i trust i will take it, if not.... not sure. we'll see! thanks again!
  6. The cracking of the leather could be due to it drying out. It sounds like the bag has been in storage for most of its "life" with you.

    I'd ask high-end boutiques or department stores in your area about where they send their repairs or if they have any recommendations. In the States, a lot of stores send their repairs to a reputable shoe repair place in the area, so hopefully they do something similar in Italy.