Question about python

  1. I have never had or touched a pair of python shoes before and I'm wondering what it's supposed to feel like as far as texture. I though that it would just feel a bit rough but the shoes I'm talking about feel a bit like paper, if that makes any sense. I am able to feel and slightly lift the pointy end of every scale and it feels odd. Is that how it's supposed to be? It's very difficult to describe! TIA

  2. Do you have a pic? It may be that they are very thin
  3. Sure, here are a couple of pictures.

    01.jpg 02.jpg
  4. No looks fine to me. I had some Patrick Cox snakeskin shoes are you could almost peel off each scale.....not that I would dare!!!
  5. ...not are...should be and....
  6. Here are my python Chanels. They seem to be "treated" a little bit so they are smooth. The bag in my avatar is python also but is very delicate. I also have a python prada bag and it is very durable.

  7. These are Patrick Cox. I'm glad to know that's how they are supposed to be! They are SERIOUSLY hot but I don't think i'll be keeping them for a couple reasons. First they are a bit tight on my right foot but they are both a big long and they are incredibly high, too high for me and I can hardly walk in them! I believe my max height is about 4 inches and these 5 inches.

  8. 5 inches! YOWSERS!
  9. Yeah! If they were closed shoes the 5 inches wouldn't be so bad for for sandals with little support anywhere else, they are trully staggering at least for me. They are so hot though.

  10. I used to hate snake skins shoes/bags. Don't have a good feeling with them. But after owning a pair of CL Roccia Simple Pump, I wanted another. And I did. And then I wanted more. I love to feel the skin. Strange.

    Those are lovely! Enjoy them.
  11. beautiful shoes!!!
  12. Here's a picture of the them.