Question about Python Silverado in Natural

  1. Hello!

    My friend wants to buy the beige calfskin and python silverado, however this bag has been very hard to find. I posted a bag she found on ebay in the authenticate this thread.

    In the meantime I have a few questions about the bag itself.
    We both have read that you can't treat python bags or get it wet but at the same time we read that it is a very durable bag and it's not as delicate as it sounds. However this is very confusing maybe someone can elaborate on this.

    We've found some very creative fakes impersonating the bags, python is a very difficult material to replicate because of the scales. In your opinion if you can see from the pictures the texture of the scales is it safe to say that it is authentic?

    Any comments would certainly help.

    By the way my friend is a PF member too (fashionchronic) she's my coworker and sitting in the desk right next to me, I have a few minutes break so Ifigured I could post on her behalf since the hunt for this bag has become a team effort :yes:

  2. Please keep this thread to general information about python silverados, and NOT about authenticity of a particular bag. Thank you!!! And good luck with your friend's auction!
  3. I guess I didn't word the post as it was intended. My apologies.
    I posted the bag in the Chloe Authenticate this thread!
    I wanted to see what other members had to say about owning this type of bag and caring for the material from what I read in other posts.
    thank you
  4. No problem!!! I wish I knew more about Python, but from what I have seen and heard, it IS much more durable than people think. My friend's silverado has been through everything (because she is a klutz), and still looks amazing. I think you just have to worry about the scales drying out over time- but with proper care I am sure that it would last a very long time!
  5. hmm
    It sounds like it's a pretty high maintenance bag. However it deserves the attention it's a gorgeous bag.
    The hunt continues...thank you so much for the info!
  6. IT is worth it! The Python Silverado is just beyond gorgeous! She deserves the extra attention!
  7. I just purchase my first python silverado...and i have not have chance to use i couldnt help a lot..:Push:

    however, it seems sooo delicate....IMO. i care my bag, and threat them like my baby...but this one is sooo different. today, i carried it to school, after i just walk out my home, i find theres small rain outside.....i was like OMG, i will ruin the bag...and then i go back to change another bag.....
    seriously, i was so scared......i dont know if i let it get wet...what will it looks like. the scale gonna fall off?:sad:

    therefore, if your coworker can handle this, i think this bag is really amazing.
    this bag is a truly wonderful piece. :love:

    sorry about my long post...just wanna share. hope that would be little help.
  8. Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm pretty sure fashionchronic read your comments...she also found out the bag she found on ebay was fake.
    I did mention to her that it would be like taking care of a second child to her but she is willing to do it since she just fell head over heels for this bag.
  9. Last time, I carried my python silverado out and then it started to rain... just a small rain. However, there's already water marks on the bag and I was so upsad about it. :crybaby: Then I went home and change another bag, but by the time I got home, all the water marks are gone. It was only 5 mins, they all dried out. :yes:
    I think they are pretty durable and high maintenance... just need to take care of it when is raining. That's all!
  10. Ooh that's really good :biggrin:
  11. I haven't carried my python in the rain but when I do carry it, I just keep a plastic bag inside in case I ever get caught in a downpour!! I wouldn't want it to get damaged...anyway I find the scales to be very durable, moreso than you would think. You can treat the leather part but not the scales or you will ruin them. I haven't treated mine at all and it's held up very well. What you will find in time is that the scales where you hold the bag close to your body might start to curl up, but that can't be helped. I don't baby mine and she's just fine!
  12. I know nothing about the bag from an ownership point of view....but thinking about it, if it's made from python skin, isn't that in itself durable, before it's even been made in to a bag?

    Not meaning to gross anyone out here, lol, but when it was actually on the snake, that snake slithered around in dust, dirt, grass, puddles, name it, it went through it!

    So, to me - that would explain why, when Dollygirls bags got rain spots on it, they disappeared..and why it's surprisingly durable!:smile: