Question about purchase history at LV

  1. Last week 866 VUITTON was able to track down a Fleur de Porcelaine headscarf for me at the Soho location. I did a charge-send over the phone and I received the package today. The SA got my name all wrong on the receipt and it's kind of bugging me... I was wondering if LV boutiques have some sort database which shows a person's purchase history? Only reason why it bugs me is because I wanted this to be with all my other purchases so that when I do buy more and more (in hopes to become a VIP one day), they can see everything. :graucho: And if possible, can my info be changed?
  2. Just call them up and tell them to correct your name. Also go to the Louis Vuitton website and sign up for newsletters there.
  3. Yup, my LV keeps track of everything I buy or take in for repair.
  4. The same thing had happened to me! When I bought my LV stuff in Copenhagen, the SA accidentially used a letter that's only found in the norwegian and danish alphabet instead of the letter that was supposed to be there, so when I came to London, they had to put in new records for me since it was kinda hard to explain that they had used letters that wasn't even on uk keyboards.... It kinda bugged me, but I'll have them change it the next time I'm in copenhagen.
  5. yes, they can see everything you bought :yes:
  6. What happens if you purchase from Eluxury or Saks? The SA at Saks in Las Vegas told my sister that she could not enter the LV data base and enter my purchase. I find this very funny since all my purchases have been through Saks in Indy.
  7. I was wondering the same thing, too. I purchase some from elux and wonder if it would be considered for the LV purchases... Does anyone know for sure?
  8. ^^ I don't think so. I think they have separate databases.
  9. I know the SA at LV at the Wynn was able to bring up my account and see my past purchases. Since I had only purchased on Elux and at Saks, never at LV, I do not understand why the SA at Saks could not access my purchasing history?
  10. Hmm...that's weird. The SA at the freestanding LV store in Palo Alto was able to bring up my purchase from an LV boutique in a Neiman Marcus store so I don't see why the LV at Saks Las Vegas wouldn't be able to enter your purchase into the system. Perhaps, the LV SA at Saks in Vegas wasn't able to look up your purchases, but was able to enter them in the system. If you check your local LV store, you can see if your Vegas purchase was entered or not. It should have been. I was told that all the freestanding LV stores and boutiques in the larger stores(like NM, Saks, etc...) are all networked or something.
  11. So I am not understanding here.. can someone help me? Can the freestanding LV boutiques pull up your purchases from Elux or 866?
  12. The purchases from 866 come from LV itself, just whichever one happens to get your call at the time. They should have your purchase history..I'm not sure about elux though.
  13. Thanks. Maybe there is a SA here that can answer this for us.
  14. I think kathyrose is right, LV and eLUXURY are probably two different database. I would image LV boutiques and 866 are connected for sure. I read it in another fashion blog/thread that for at least LV, it is mainly the SA's decision to decide who gets to be VIP, i.e. the SA has to like you a lot, etc., so this person was saying you should find a SA that likes you and buy tons of stuff from him/her... Is anyone on this forum a current VIP?