question about protecting vernis

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  1. tried posting this in the alma bb clubhouse but thought maybe other vernis fans could help me. i just bought my first vernis bag, an alma bb. when not in use, is it important to put fabric like the dustbag between the handles and the bag so they don't stick to it? and what about the clochette, if i leave it on the bag(i don't want to keep removing it, stretching the leather) should i keep it away from the body of the bag during storage as well, like with fabric??? thank you to anyone who can advise. i love the vernis but i'm a little worried about damaging it, especially during storage.
  2. I have a vernis alma bb and santa monica bag. With both bags,

    - I wrap the clochette and along with the attachment using the extra wipe cloth provided so it does not rest on the bag directly. I never remove the clochette. That's way too much trouble for me :smile:
    - I store the bag inside its dustbag with the handles up. I use the same dustbag to cover up its handles while upright. If you leave the handle resting on the bag, it may cause a mark. When I got my alma bb from the store, I noticed the handle marks when I got home. Luckily, was able to massage it out.

    If you store it properly, you don't have to worry about it. Even using it, it is a pretty resilient bag to my surprise. I'm a total vernis fan! :biggrin:

    Congrats! Enjoy your bag!
  3. thank you so much for the reply. one more question. when you say you store it with the handles up, do you use anything like tissue paper inside the handles to prop them up? how do you get them to stay up?
  4. I don't use anything extra to prop the handles up :smile: I think it's unnecessary for me anyway. I use the dustbag itself to hold the handles up. I tuck in the top part into the gap of the bag handles. They don't come off as long as you tuck it against the other side of the dustbag. See pics.

    I use tissue paper inside the bag itself to fill up the space and hold the rolled up straps in the middle of the bag (inside).

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  5. thank you so much for taking the time to post photos. sorry if these questions seem lame, i am just so used to canvas and didn't want to mess up with the vernis. very much appreciate your help : )
  6. Hello, I store my Alma in Rose Angelique in the dust bag with the handles up, just like bh4me, but I use air pillows inside, instead of paper, because paper retains moisture, which can cause damage to the leather. Also, I use the dust bag to cover the handles, but I don't let the handles touch, by sliding a piece of the dust bag in between.