Question about pricing of GST

  1. Hi guys,

    Just wondering if someone could help me out with the pricing info of the GST. I really love:heart: the bag, and would like to save up for it.. Any info from you guys will help me out alot.

    Thank you,:tup:
  2. I just bought white with gold hardware yesterday and it wa $1,895. Don't know if the prices are going up in November as rumored.
  3. £930 in the Uk and 1350 euros in Paris
  4. I heard the GST is going up to $2,2xx in November :crybaby:
  5. It is 1895 now-just bought one at Saks-not sure if it will be going up in price-my SA didn't know for sure.
  6. ditto that. I bought my GST from NM for $1895
  7. I just got mine for $1895 at Sak's
  8. Just got the black w/ silver hardware at Chanel boutique in BH it was also $1895.
  9. Thank you everyone. :smile: TIA
  10. A$2460 in Australia.
  11. Does anyone know if it'll be going up to the rumored ($2195) in Sept. or Nov. 1??? :shrugs:

    This'll be my 1st Chanel and definitely want to avoid the price increase.:yes: If it's in Nov. like the majority of the threads say then I'll probably buy it mid Oct.

    I keep reading a ton of threads saying not til Nov. 1....but other threads saying maybe Sept./Sept. 1??? :confused1:

    TIA!!!!! :tup:
  12. I just bought a beige/gold one last Friday at Saks for $1895 but SA said the price was going up on SEPTEMBER.

    Get it at Saks, NY and have it mailed to you (unless its NY). No tax!!
  13. I just picked up the Chocolate Brown with S/H GST last week in Chicago. The SA went to get me a fresh one out of the back, and it was ticketed with the old price and they honored it!!! Woo Hoo! I went to Chanel to purchase something everyday in brown, wasn't sure about the GST . Little boxier than I normally would buy. But I have been using it all week and really like how durable and practical it is compared to alot of my other bags.
    I think it's a great bag!
  14. Were you happy with your SA? What was her name?