Question about prices.

  1. How is it that say the m/c pochette and the speedy 30 is roughly the same price considering the difference in sizes? Also m/c seems generally more expensive than monogram, does anyone know why?
  2. my guess is that the MC was originally set to be a LE/seasonal line, hence it being slightly higher in price than mono.

    plus the process in which LV makes MC (silk screening 33 different colors) is more difficult than the mono canvas.
  3. Aaah thanks, never thought of that.;)
  4. The MC line is more expensive than the monogram line. Take the MC speedy vs. the monogram 30 speedy....there's a >$1K difference in that.

    ETA: As the pp said, it was originally made as LE line.
  5. Ah, okay, I opened your post again, b/c I didn't realize that I've read it, and noticed that you already know that the MC is higher priced than the mono. Sorry about that, I need to sleep now. It's 3:43 am in Cali and I'm still here! tPF is addicting. Night nigt! :smile:
  6. I think it's the silk screening that adds to the price.. and there's a lot more hardware (the spikes !!) than on the speedy.