question about price

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  1. hi, i'm new to chanel and i was wondering if theres a site that gives chanel bags and stuff their prices? i wanna see how much the small leahter goods cost. like their cosmetic bags and wahtnot, does anyoen knwo if a site exist or how slg stuff cost? thanks mucho!
  2. you can check out the "chanel resource library" sub-forum, and check for what you are looking for... other pF members have posted their pics and prices too

    and of course, you can always ask if you can't find what you want there, the Chanel gals are great!!
  3. yeh i checked it out, and it's all bags, which i love. but i was looking for prices of little things like cosmetic bags or wallets or coin purses
  4. you can do a search in the chanel forum, i do recall a few pF-ers purchasing some items like this recently... OR you can post pics of what you're looking for or describe in detail if you can't find a pic (i think pics are a bit better b/c some things are so similar sometimes, or different sizes, etc.) and then start a thread, if it hasn't been asked before, and im sure there are some gals in here who can then help you out!! -good luck!