Question about price of a Chanel wallet

  1. I was in the Chanel store and saw this gorgeous wallet. They were soooooo busy :rolleyes: that they couldn't help me.

    I tried looking for pictures but haven't had any luck so I'll do my best to describe it.

    I'm guessing the wallet is fromt he Cambon line since it was all black, quilted and had two black 'C's on it on one side. It also had a snap buckle which kept it together. The lining of the wallet is hot pink as well. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Or am I mad? :blink::blink::blink:

    I'm desperate to find out the price so I can budget it into my summer spending :P Thanks to anyone who replies!! :flowers:
  2. If it's the small bi-fold wallet from the cambon line, it retails at $565.
  3. ^ yes, but you really can't get much in there. i had to return mine.
  4. thanks for answering my question doublec and savannah!

    it's really that small? :hrmm:
    oh no! :sad: i didn't take it out of the cabinet so i didn't get a good look. thanks for the warning tho! maybe i'll take a look at the long gold one with the pebbled leather and double c's instead. :amuse:
  5. wow quite expensive for a small wallet... must be so pretty though...
  6. I just bought the pink one a couple days ago.. I think it's plenty big.

    It's got 6 credit card slots, billfold, and a seperate coin compartment. The lambskin is very delicate though. However, it's absolutly FABULOUS!
  7. Are the wallets really made of lambskin? Chanel reps told me the Cambon bags are all calfskin, not lambskin. I'm not sure if this also applies to wallets/accessories though...
  8. i love that wallet most out of the cambon, but $565 is too steep for me to pay for a wallet. When it gets into that territory i'll just spend a few hundred more and get a bag.
  9. I definitely agree with blushingbaby, what's a few hundred more for a nice bag that everyone will see! ..not just SA's when you make a new purchase (however, I do have a chanel wallet!)
  10. all cambon line is made of calfskin, you are correct.:amuse:
  11. Why not get the bigger one ( long Version) for 575.00
  12. opps, sorry, i meant calfskin and not lambskin..
  13. i think that design is absolutely adorable! i prefer the longer one, where the bills don't fold.. i believe that is $585 or $595.... let us know if u decide to get it!
  14. hmm...i didn't see the larger one! i'm just in love with the colours...all black and hot pink on the inside...yum!

    i'll def. keep you ladies posted...but i won't be getting the wallet until june/july. my recent shopping spree in NYC has put a significant dent in my savings account :P