Question about price matching

  1. Today - someone I was talking to got a black venetia on sale for $450 at Saks. I was wondering if there is anyway Nordstrom can PM this price, even though the bag itself that was avaliable has been sold, does anyone know if it can?
  2. I asked Nordstrom about that issue in connection with some other merchandise. They said they price match if they can verify that the exact item is in stock and available and it has to match with size, color, style etc. Based on that, I don't think they will match the price unless another Saks has the purse. If you have the information on the purse, Saks can check to see if another store has the item then they can either send it to you or have them "hold" it for you then you can have Nordstrom call and confirm the price and they will match it for you. Hope this helps.
  3. thanks it helps a lot!
  4. Does anyone know if there is a Saks that still has that bag? I would love to do a charge send. I need that bag :smile: