Question about price increases

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  1. I am somewhat new to buying LV. Do we usually get advance warning ahead of time about a price increase? If so, how much time do we normally get to buy what we want? Or is it something that happens without any warning.
  2. I remember last year when I looked at a bag at LV, the sales person told me that there would be a price increase in 2 weeks, at that time (I think it was in the fall). But it seems like no one knows for sure when the next price increase will be. I would check back here since many of the members here have good relationships with their SAs and I'm sure someone will know and share.
  3. Unless you have a really good SA, LV won't warn their customers about a price increase. SA's usually don't find out until maybe 2 weeks before it happens. TPF memebers usually hear about it first then we head to our SA's and ask about it. But it's just rumors and not a confirmation. So unless you ask your SA or if they tell you, there's no way to know for sure.
  4. I've also had SAs warn me in the past (good way to convince a person to BUY NOW! LOL) I've been in to LV pretty much every week and haven't gotten a warning just yet.