Question about Pre-Orders from BalNY

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  1. How likely are you to get the bag you want when you pre-order it from BalNY?

    I pre-ordered the violet first from BalNY a few weeks ago and now I'm getting worried that I won't get one since the list's pretty long.

    Should I spread out and pre-order the bag elsewhere?

    How many of each style in each color is BalNY getting, does anyone know?

    Sorry if someone has already posted about this:smile:
  2. Hi Chriseve,

    I think that depends on how many bags Bal ordered and how many gals are on the list for that color. Both pieces of data Bal won't answer, LOL!

    When I was asking to be put on the list for the giant HW flap clutch the SA would not reveal how likely I was to get the colors I wanted (red, blue, white).

    So I asked, can you put me down for the color with the shortest list :graucho:

    She put me down for Ivory :P

    In short, I'd put my name on several lists if there is a color you are dying to get.
  3. There seems to be a little less certainty than in recent past seasons, because the number of bags they are getting are spread out over 3 kinds of hardware. Just to be safe, I would get on a back-up list at BNY and maybe even somewhere else. I don't know if BNY has a limit to how many lists you can be on.
  4. It really depends on your relationship with your SA at Bal NY whether they would reveal your exact waitlist status to you (or how many of a certain color/style they are getting).

    But also, keep in mind, that most clients on their waitlist haven't actually purchased the bags that they are listed for...meaning most of them have put themselves in 2-3 styles/colors and might only pick 1...which increases the chances for those at the lower half of the list.

    The quantity of what they are getting really depends on the style and color. Typically the bigger bags are ordered in fewer quantities compared to the City and First styles.

    ***I actually saw the quantities of what they are getting in accessories. Mostly 1 or 2 of each color (in the pochette, Envelope Giant clutch, etc).
  5. hmwe, roller, incoral - Thanks for the info. I only care for one color in one style, and I waitlisted almost as soon as I can get on the wait list, and then switch it to a pre-order 2 weeks to be safe, I better get on a couple of other lists with department stores. THANKS GIRLS!
  6. Yeah, waitlist at other stores too since the competition (as it seems like) is going to be tough :yes:

    FYI (to others who might be wondering) waitlisting and pre ordering at Bal NY does NOT move you ahead of the list.
  7. I think your chances are probably pretty good. People pre-order bags and sometimes change their minds or return them. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, I'm sure you'll get your bag!
  8. I didn't rush to get on any lists this time, sort of hoping I might not buy more bags. ha. By the time I asked about the grape Step, Daphne was pretty explicit about my chances -- virtually none. But they hardly got any of this bag. Other things will be better, and there is always at least some mind changing as colors start to appear and circulate.
  9. ICB, since pre-ordering typically means that you've made some kind of down/payment for something, that still doesn't move one ahead? Just curious since I'd think that payment practically guarantees one a Bbag of their choice.

    TIA! :smile:

    And, nope, I've not pre-ordered anything. I put myself on a waiting list...
  10. NOPE. All it does is take care of having your information and payment info down (usually they ask newer customers to pre-order). And sometimes they will automatically ship it to you if there's one available. But waitlist and pre-order go on the same list, and neither one has more priority over the other.