Question about pre-orders/coupon codes

  1. Hey girls - quick question for those that have done a lot of shopping on any of the websites that carry RM bags. I'm debating on whether to pre-order a Spring '08 bag or wait until the release. My question is: are there any websites that accept discount/coupon codes with pre-orders? I know that there are a great deal of websites and brick & mortar stores that do not, so I was just curious.

    Any help is appreciated - Thanks!

    P.S. - any of these sites offer 1st order discounts?
  2. Label360 & Luna Boston both let you use codes on preorders.
  3. is luna boston taking preorders? i haven't gotten a response to the email i sent. thanks!
  4. Revolve has a 30 percent off code for new customers and it applies to RM. I have been trying to hold out to order from them until the new RM bags come in, but it is hard. They seem to have tons of great stuff. They told me they'd be getting the gold crackle bottom bags in around April. How can I wait that long? :sos:
  5. lunaboston is taking preorders and accepting codes, but i think you have to get a special link thru CS. i preordered a violet MAM that way from Sara! (she rocks!) :yahoo:
  6. A violet MAM!:drool: I hadn't heard of that one. I'm planning on a violet Matinee. Is the hardware gold or silver?
  7. what is CS link???? I emailed sara and she gave me a link to the new ones posted on the website? is there another link besides that one?
  8. I would like to know this as well.

  9. Call Lunaboston for the link. I think they are doing it that way to keep count of possible pre-orders. She sent me the link for mam in violet, tangerine, fushia/gold bottom. You can always ask for a specific bag and she will see if it's on her list.
  10. thanks so much!! :smile:i will check with her!:tup: