Question about Prada

  1. Hi i am new to this forum. my question is, yesterday i was at the Fashion Outlet at Primm Valley resort and casino, and i bought a prada handbag for my mother. the store is called Las Vegas Collectibles and then it said something else like designer stuff or whatever. I was wondering if anyone ever been to that store and if they were authentic?. the handbag i bought for my mom was 40% off, 820 then reduced to 720 for the thanksgiving sale and an extra 10% off. 676. i read a couple of authentication guides for prada and they all checked out, being authentic but i just wanted to get your opinion. the store seemed legit, being that i was an outlet and an actual boutique, not one of those carts in the middle of the path.
  2. [​IMG] this is the handbag that i bought but i just took it from a website. that is not the actual handbag i purchased. but i will take pics if needed.
  3. ^U need to post pics in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread at the top of the Prada forum..we will try to help u there!