Question about Prada signature logo

  1. Just curious..........can someone tell me why some Prada bags have their logo on a triangle tag and some simply have the Prada signature logo in letters (no triangle) on the outside of their bags? Is this an indication of anything specific? Just wondering and interested in learning as much as I can about the Prada bags. TIA.:yes:
  2. So far, what I noticed is those with the triangle tag are made with nylon while those with Prada letterings are leather bags.
  3. Prada, just in the past year, started transitioning from the all metal triangle to the lettering. My theory being it was way too easy to fake the triangle than the individual lettering and placement of the pieces of the logo (Milano, the ribbon and the plaque).

    Some of the bags, as in the washed letter, has the in between logo: leather logos affixed to a metal triangle. The fringe bags have a combination of that as well..

    Again, it seems Prada is trying to get more proactive with counterfeiters.
  4. Thanks PP :tup:
  5. My new nylon bag has the gold prada letters only too. It looks really elegant and hopefully would be much more difficult to be faked!