Question about Prada shoes!! PLEASE HELP!

  1. I am eager to buy these pair of prada pumps from BG. They had them in my size and when i went to check out of course they became unavailable. But they still have them in one size up, and in one size down...

    I love them sooooo much and am willing to buy a size different. Does anyone have a pair of prada shoes? Does anyone know if they run small or if they run big?

    I have a guy i work with that is a size ten in mens and he bought a pair of sneakers in 8.5, but I think it would be different for the pumps i want...

    PLEASE ADVISE! I have to get a pair of thse before they are gone
  2. I bought a pair of Prada flats and I went down a whole size.
  3. i'm usually a 36 in louboutins, and 35 in choos and i got a 36.5 in a pair of prada booties. i recall a friend of mine saying she had to order a size up in pradas as well.

    hope this helps!
  4. I always have to order up in prada shoes
  5. So, i'm a size 40. Thats not available. So should I get the 39 or the 41?
  6. I'm going to throw a wrench in the works here -- Prada fits me true to size. However, in boots, I order 1/2 size up no matter what the brand.

    Can you purchase more than one pair and just return the pair that doesn't fit? A lot of people do that.
  7. if you wear a size 10 there is very little possibility that a 39 will fit you- go for the 41

  8. I'm purchasing them online at Bergdorf Goodman, and its just too complicated of a process to have to return an online purchase.

    Does NM accept returns for BG? Does anyone know? If so, then i could try getting both and then returning what doesn't fit. (then ofcourse NM will put be on the blacklist.... BLAH)
  9. I'm TTS in Prada...
  10. I find that all of my Pradas run true to USA equivalent. If you are a USA 9 get the 39. If you are a US 11, then the 41. The 40 is a US 10.
  11. Prada pumps fit me tts.
  12. I'm TTS in Prada and sometimes even 1/2 down... good luck!
  13. I love prada shoes, one of the few brands that actually fit! :heart: Good luck!
  14. i find they fit true to size.
  15. I'm sure that NM will not accept returns for BG. Returning an online purchase isn't really a hassle, just use the label that they provide for you in the box. NM won't blacklist you for returning one pair of shoes. They want you to keep coming back!