Question about Prada deerskin hobo

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  1. I just purchased a gorgeous camel deerskin hobo! I never bought a bag that has leather that is so buttery soft! I love the bag, BUT I am worried about taking care of the leather. Any suggestions on how to deal with this oh-so mushy deerskin leather?? I am worried about stains, color transfer, dirt, oil marks, tears...I have never been so paranoid about a bag before. I need to feel that I can take care of this bag or it's going back! :crybaby:
  2. i had to run through drizzles of rain with my deer skin cocoa cervo antik wallet the other day. i simply wiped off the water drops. it stained for a few moments. and then just dissapeared.

    i had some suede and other leather products which are exposed to the rain all the time. i found that as long as you wipe them off straight away, they do not normally stay stained. i hope it is the case with this leather too. so far, looks like it.
  3. there are some concerns over the durability of its antiqued treatment though...
  4. sappho, can you show us pic? i would love to see your bag. i am thinking of getting the satchel myself. is this camel the same as "natural", the same colour jill has in the gauffre? (this is the first gauffre i have seen made of the famous deer skin)
  5. Dont kill me guys..LOL..But I wore my natural gauffre out in the rain today...HEEHEE
    Its fine..No marks at all..I freakin LOVE IT!
  6. yey! another good news about the natural cervo antik! i am looking at the pros and cons. the quick to wear antik treatment is of most concern
  7. my neighbor wears hers in the rain and its fine :smile: