Question about pouch in dorset tote???

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  1. Does anyone know if the pouch inside the Dorset tote would be the size of a wallet ? Or is it bigger like to hold cosmetics ? The website does not show measurements. TIA!
  2. Hi Ally, I recently tried on the smaller Dorset tote to scout for Designpurchaser when me and a friend recently visited M. It's a bit bigger than a wallet, I think the closest thing I could think of size-wise is between a Mini Pochette and Pochette from LV... :nuts: Sorry if that wasn't too helpful :sweatdrop:
  3. I have the Black Forest Dorset-the inside pouch is approximately 4.25 inches high by 7 inches wide. It is very flat.
  4. Thanks, I am familiar w/these so that helps !
  5. Thanks for the measurements! Are you happy with your Dorset?
  6. I have not used it yet, as I am trying to use my light colored bags in this 100 degree weather we are having. But I do love the super soft leather and look forward to using it in a month.

    Are you going to get it?
  7. Yes I hope so but have to wait a month or two ! I've exceeded my accessories limit for the year already ! :smile:
  8. Oh I can't blinking wait to get my hands on an oak medium Dorset! The pouch thing looks fab!