Question about potential water marks

  1. Hi Everyone! I a new member and I must say, I am on here everyday! What a great site.

    I have an important question, hoping someone who has the bag knows the answer.

    I recently purchased (and have not yet received) a new Jumbo "stone-washed" Caviar with Mademoiselle Lock and new chain ( you know....the one that Courtney Cox wears all the time). I purchased it in black, which actually looks more gray due to the type of leather.
    Does anyone if it is safe to carry in the rain? Do you think because of the type of leather being more susceptible to scratches or scuffing (which is the intent), that is would be susceptible to watermarks as well?

    Thank you for taking the time to is very much appreciated!:wlae:
  2. I wouldn't carry it in the rain.
    I'd go ahead and pre-treat it anyhow.
  3. I agree, don't wear it in the rain.
  4. i have a dilemma with my light colored lambskin as well. I might get caught up in rain sometime, so i don't know if i should treat the leather or what...

    exactly what will happen if the bag does get wet? and whats the worst thing that could happen?:confused1:

    mine had a few watermarks then disappeared after a few minutes.. :sweatdrop:
  5. I have this bag in the med/large size. I bought it so I can be rough with it.....I haven't used it in the rain yet, but plan to.

  6. If its the same bag that I'm thinking of then yes its ok. its a softer versiom of caviar but its durable.

    I wouldnt wear it in a thunderstorm of couse, but light rain should not hurt it. that's why i love caviar bags they are tough :yes:
  7. I spoke to a chanel SA and she didn't reccommend any cream or pretreaters for their bags as the leather may absorb it and it will leave marks. She said only to use a soft cloth to buff up the leather. Having said that I got a brown stain probably a bit of melted chocolate from my daughters sticky hands on the front of my soft caviar wallet. I just used a damp cotton bud to clean it off in between the pebbles on the leather and the wallet was fine. If I was carrying a leather bag in the rain I would always keep a waterproof shopping bag with me or a folded up carrier bag in the purse to ensure I could quickly protect my bag by popping it in there if it starts raining.