Question about Poppy Groovy in Rose pink


Feb 23, 2007
I have a question regarding this bag. I was looking for a pink groovy and I remember seeing the poppy hobo bag in this color, so I played with drill down and came up with this photo. Its the exact bag i've been wanting, except im not sure if Its new or old. I recall poppy the line in general came out last summer, but at the time I didnt pay much attention to it. I was wondering if any of you could give me some info on it. I called jax and they told me they had it in stock but non of the stores had it. I asked when it was released and she did not tell me. I was also wondering if I have a PCE am I able to use it to to order an old item from jax? I live in Canada and last time there was PCE I tried to order new items and was not able to get it. Apparently the order was rejected by head offices. I was wondering if the same thing applies to older bags. In the past I have ordered from JAX but I paid full price.



Aug 24, 2009
No. Jax will not accept the PCE. However, you can order it through the store and then yes, you can use the PCE.

If Jax has the bag in stock, you should be able to get it no problem. You just want to go in with the item number.