Question about Pond..

  1. Do you think this color is practical? I really want the shoulder bag and the pond color is so beautiful, but I'm wondering if white is a safer choice. Pond owners or admirerers what do you/would you wear Pond with? Thanks!
  2. i wear mine with everything,except my favorite yellow capri'

    i haven't worked in yet!
  3. I wear jeans all the time, along with either blue/black/or white shirts - so it pretty much is natural choice for me :smile: (Even though when I first got it I was a little unsure about the color... it is growing on me after I saw it with all my other blue bags...)

    Believe it or not... I like my pop of color on my shoes. :graucho:
  4. I just saw the color IRL and fell in love with it. I bought the wristlet and think that I will be man-handling my husband into buying me the shoulder bag in pond for Valentine's Day. I too had a hang up over practicality, but after seeing it for myself, I see that it really is a very versatile shade of blue - not so bright that it takes it out of being a neutral, but enough color to "pop"!
  5. I got it, but forgot I have a Marc Jacobs Selma bag in teal - I think they're too close :confused1: but versatile nonethless.