question about pomme multicles

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  1. ok so i just put my keys on my multicles. i have 7 on there now. omg i was soooo nervous putting them on as i kept thinking i was scratching the brass and worrying about it. i am also a little sad that i lost my big pic of my family that i had on my other keychain. i guess i could put it on this one but it would make one of the holders stick out and wouldn't look as sleek.

    so... do i have to baby this because it's vernis or are you guys just you know using it normally? i only have one other vernis piece and i haven't used it yet and i'm a little worried.

    i also noticed today that my groom cles zipper pull is starting to lose a little of it's brass coloring. this is normal right? i;ve had it since oct and i use it every day and i'm not so gentle with it.
  2. I never baby my key holders. The darker vernis colors hold up really well! Enjoy using it!
  3. i want to get one..are you going to post pics hlfinn?
  4. thanks traci!

    jill- i posted pics on thursday- i think i called the thread- they're finally here! i have a pic of the outside and inside of the pomme.
  5. ^IA with Traci. Keyholders are the one LV item I don't baby.
  6. phew. i was going to carry it around in it's dustbag. lol