Question about Pochette / small wallets = can Pochette hold it?

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  1. Can a pochette hold a "regular" wallet... like....

    a Billfold (4.5x4)

    or Porte-Monnaie Billets

    All the modeling pics I've seen have a smaller wallet in the pochette, like a cles or a Ludlow. I like a place for my bills, though... no Ludlow for me.

    If anyone has a pic, that would be cool... *continues to look for one that's already been posted*
  2. Regular Pochette can easily accomodate the billfold!
  3. yup, both fit in great. which one do you plan to get?:nuts:
  4. easily. the mini mono is a diff story. the ludlow will fit, but that is about it!
  5. my pochette's have been able to even fit my koala wallet!
  6. Thanks, guys.

    I don't own a Pochette and I was browsing them today and wondered what size wallet would fit in them. Porte-Monnaie Billets looks really cute!

  7. Ooohh, really? Koala's actually the wallet I really liked, but I didn't think it would fit. Do you have a pic? Which pochette? (I think they vary a bit, don't they?)
  8. Wow! Thanks for that info! I didn't think it could fit a Koala!
  9. I usually use either my billfold, ludlow or if the pochette has an inner pocket (like the Miroir or Perfo) then I'll go without and just stick my cards in the pocket.
    I did, however, actually fit my Groom Compact Zippe wallet in my Miroir pochette with very little rippling to the zipper.
  10. I'll fess up, guys... this is why I'm asking:
  11. Must be strong.
    Must stick to wishlist.
  12. oh boy, the LE pochette! lol, didn't Karen post demensions on her site?
  13. :drool: Ooooooooo! That's pretty!
  14. Wonder what retail was...
  15. Kinkylala what a GORGEOUS piece! A cerises cles would be perfect with that :graucho: