Question about Platinum and 14 kt white gold

  1. Hello! I was wondering if I could get a 14kt white gold wedding band to go with my platinum engagement ring. Would the colors of the different metals be very different once they have been worn for a while? I have noticed that the platinum gets a little bit dull and gets slightly darker with wear. Does this happen to white gold as well? Should I just get a platinum band?
  2. I would go with a platinum band if your engagement ring is platinum because the two metals actually look quite different in tone and colour when put side by side (platinum is cooler in tone and white gold is warmer). Over time, this will only become more pronounced as your platinum needs polishing and/or the white gold needs replating. You will pay a bit more for the platinum band, but I think in the long run it is worth it. Also, try looking at antique stores that sell jewelry - they will have many simple platinum bands that will cost much less than buying brand new from a store. You could also check eBay.
  3. I would go with platinum, too. The colors will match and the two bands will wear more consistently (I believe gold wears down faster than platinum).
  4. Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate the feedback. I think I will go with the platinum. I compared a white gold ring with my engagement ring this morning and it looked darker than my engagement ring. Thanks!
  5. Definitely platinum. Platinum jewelry starts to patina after a while and it does look grayer. I personally love that look and don't polish my platinum jewelry. But some white gold tends to look yellowish close to platinum, I think.
  6. Also, white gold is less robust and you have to be more careful with it in the hot tub, etc... whereas platinum is just fine.
  7. Over time you would def. notice the difference. White gold will discolor over time and begin to look yellowish in nature.

    As stated in above platinum will patina. I have platinum ering re-done every 3 months by mew jeweler because I like the shiny look.

  8. Thanks everyone! We ordered my wedding band last platinum! Can't wait to see it when it comes in.