Question about plants?

  1. Hi -

    My boyfriend bought me a plant about 3 months ago and I have no idea what is call. Well yesterday I separate it because it was getting too big and since I have not been able to find the same type of plant I wanted to have more then just that one. Well, this morning made a comment about, to him, it looked kinda different! He thinks maybe I did wrong in separating them. :sad: He said the leaves look sad and more green then usual. I do not think so.:confused1:

    Is anyone here a plant expert? Is it bag to separate a plant like that? I will take pictures of it to see if also someone knows what is the name of it! TIA:smile:
  2. Usually the plant will be back to normal after a few days. My hubby has seperated tons of his plants and they look bad for a few days (kind of wilted leaves) but then they get right back to looking nice. Last count we had over 100 plants.....UGH...............
  3. I so much hope so. Is my first plant ever and I'm so proud of it. I thought i was going to kill it, I did not knew ANYTHING about how to take care of plants. Here is a picture. I hope someone knows what type of plant is it.

  4. was it a bulb? If you divided the bulbs it'll rebound:yes:
    Looks like a bulb or small root system.
  5. I do not get this? :confused1:
  6. did it have roots or did it have a bulb under the dirt?
  7. I think that is a split leaf philadendrum.
  8. Well it had roots. What is a bulb?
  9. if it pulled apart easily there's likely no damage.

    A bulb plant actually just has a bulb instead of roots. It literally looks similar to a lightbulb.
    Caladiums, yucca, Iris, daffodils, etc. . . are all bulbs.
  10. Definitely a "split leaf philodendrum", very strong plant, I don't know how you divided it, but if you kept enough roots on both plants it should be okay. We grow them in the ground here in South Florida. Fertilize it now after dividing it and it should be fine.
    Make sure it gets light. This is not a bulb plant.
  11. You sure about the light thing? Cuz I had it next to the window here in my home office and somehow it looked like it was running away from it cuz it was leaning more towards where there was shade, so I moved it and it looks a little bit more straight now.

    I did made sure to separate it very carefully and live planty of roots on it.

    Thx all!!
  12. i believe the split leaf philodendron prefers medium light. i have read that it gets used to where it is located and is prone to drop its leaves when moved after being in one place for some time. it usually becomes tall and may need to be staked. hth. :tup: