question about planet lulu

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  1. Hi all, im new to this post
    i recently read about the planet lulu sale in LA this wkn. Do any of you fashionistas know if i need to rsvp for those events? If i need an invite/referal, would someone be kind enough to help me out? Im thinking about checking it out this wkn. Aslo, have any of u been to one of their sales before? how much stuff do they actually have (aka one storefull-> a warehouseful?) and did u guys find good deals there? I love sample sales but some of them are just too small and packed with too many people/long wait in line etc.
    sorry i have so many questions.... This is one of the coolest websites/blogs! im glad i came across it. Ive just recently started to appreciate nice bags in the past 2 yrs....i think it is sort of thing that comes with age!
  2. I've never gone to a Planet Lulu sale--but I am signed up on their website to get their invites. And yes--supposedly you need to register for their emails to get invites that you're supposed to take with you to go to their sales.

    Here's a link to sign up for their invites:

    If you go, you'll have to let me know if it was worth it.
  3. I'd been to Planet Lulu's sale at their Seattle location before, i think its allright.

    If i remember correctly they took cash and/or cashcard only, no creditcard payment allowed( as i didn't see any machine for creditcard slips at the time). They did not provide receipts either, instead they gave you this piece of paper with number on it in case you want to return your purchase at later date, they recorded/listed what you purchased in a book under that "number".

    When I was there last July, i found they had a lot of mismatched odds and ends, I didn't find a lot of great deals, because i didn't like to shift through racks after racks of cloths.( I guess I'm just not patience enough :amuse: ) But i'd heard people gotten some great deals from them, imho, they definitly make you work for your deals, thats for sure.

    Hopefully, they have change some of their operation procedures since last July. I mean what if their business suddenly taking off I just can't imaging how they gonna do it manually!?

    I would say, if you don't have anything important to do on that day, or you have an idea of what you're looking for, it might worth going!

    Happy Shopping !
  4. just to report back...the planet lulu sale wasnt that great. It was very crowded....things on sale were not "quality" items...more like fashion items...a lot of lacey/satin feminine tops from 213. But overall prices werent AMAZING (or that ive just became so cheap nowadays=P) I prolly wouldnt recommand it

    however, another sale i swung by in west hollywood was pretty cool, i snatched some jana feifer bags for amazing prices...i posted the bags in the handbag/purses thread=)