Question about pink vernis cles :)

  1. How much is it in pink?
    I looked on eLux and it wasnt listed
    was it special edition?
    And can I buy it at my local LV boutique?

    Heres a pic of it :smile:

  2. it's a discontinued color (framboise) ... call the 866 # and they might be able to locate one for you if there's anymore left! Good luck!
  3. ah D:
    i'll do that
    i found one on eBay from a seller i usually buy from
    its buy now 350ish
    i might do that too
  4. I think you *should* be able to find one for's discontinued, yes, but the prices shouldn't be too outrageous. The retail on the colors out now are $200, so I think $250-$300 is a better range.
  5. Hi gals, can i put keys inside the cles? hmm maybe around 5 door keys? will it fit into the cles? Thanks!