Question about pilling sweater

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  1. I bought a sweater last week at Banana Republic. I wore the sweater to a conference on Friday (where I sat for 8 hours), went home, and took it off. When I folded it, I noticed that the sides are completely pilling already. I know that this is not normal for a brand new, $70 sweater that I wore ONCE. It has never been washed. Do you think that Banana would exchange it for another or refund my money? I tried to email them, but couldn't find a general customer service contact on the website.

    fyi, this is the sweater:
  2. OMG! I recently purchased this sweater from BR:

    and like you, after 1 day of wearing there was so much pilling. I got my receipt and took it back the next day. The manager, apologized for the quality and gave me a full refund. Instead of emailing or calling, I'd take the sweater and receipt into the store and talk to the SA or manager about a refund. I was offered an exchange, but knew the fabric content was the same and pilling would happen again.

    Good Luck
  3. that means the quality wasnt that good to begin with, but it still shouldnt pill that quickly. ive had super expensive cashmere that still pilled (unavoidable if it's 100% cashmere). u should definitely bring it back and BR should at least store credit.
  4. Thanks! I'm going to take it back this week.
  5. Aw, that stinks! I try to avoid soft wool blends for this reason because I HATE nubby pilly sweaters! I'd definitely try to get a refund--if you exchange it for another, I'll bet you have the same problem. BR also lets you write reviews on their website, and it might not hurt to warn other people that this pills so easily.
    It's a pity because it's a pretty sweater though! J Crew makes a similar sweater in 100% merino, which I find pills less easily: