Question about phone orders


Aug 31, 2011
The item I wanted was not available on the website (said out of stock) and so I decided to call to see when it might be in stock again. The SA said she could take all my information including payment and that they would send me my item when it comes back in stock. Sounds reasonable but I am confused on the process since she said I wont be charged unless it is back in stock...but then she said it would only be a few days or maybe two weeks... Also she said that I would receive an email confirming my order but it has been hours since my call and haven't received anything.

When placing an order through the phone, do they usually give you any confirmation number? Or any sort of way to reference your order?

Also with the price increase looming, I wonder if by the time my item is found that I would still get the present price and not the increased price if it happens to go up by the time its back in stock. They said they wouldn't charge me until it ships but then she never confirmed the price on the phone with me anyways (my bad, maybe?).

She also asked me if I had purchased LV items in the past (which I have) and wanted to get my name. What is that for?

Sorry for all the jumbled questions! Thanks!!