Question about phone orders

  1. I used my PCE yesterday and then today decided I wanted something else. So I called the store and asked if I could still use the PCE and she said yes, all week. So I asked if I could place a phone order with it and she said no. So how did you guys on here do phone orders with the PCE? I just didn't want to have to make another trip to the store.
  2. It seems to vary by store. Last PCE the first one I called said no, the second jumped on my order. Perhaps try another store in your area/state. :sneaky: The SA at the boutique I was in today said that the rules seem to change hourly sometimes LOL.
  3. Thanks. I'll try calling another store!
  4. Be persistant, each store seems to handle the opportunity to "make a sale" differently. That's the bottom line, do they want to make their monthly numbers or not?

    Try calling another store, someone will be happy to accommodate you, Good Luck!
  5. I know alot of girls who placed phone orders during this PCE who did NOT have PCE cards...also, a friend of mine went INTO the boutique in her local mall and told them she "forgot her card" (she never got one) and can she still get PCE discount and they allowed her to do so!!!! I would say KEEP ON TRYING!!!!! You WILL find a store that will allow you to do a phone order!!! Good luck!!!
  6. I was able to place two separate phone oders, with the PCE discount, at my local Coach store. However, they had me read off the PCE scan/number from the back of the discount card and the store originally wanted to charge me an $8.50 shipping fee for each order that was placed. However, when I explained that I was wanting to place the pre/phone order because last time around during PCE, it took me 30 - 40 minutes to pay for my items at the register due to the store being so crowded on the weekend, a very nice SA stated that she understood my dilema and would therefore be waiving the shipping fees this time around for me. The phone orders also help out the stores since you're not depleting their inventory... all of my items were being shipped out from JAX.
  7. I think it depends on the store, how busy they are at the time and how much they need a sale. There really isn't any difference between walking in and wanting something and calling, but I'm not sure about all the rules.

    I agree completely that you might do better to call a couple of stores if the first one isn't willing to help. Although technically the card states you can only use it once. Most people would rather make a sale than not have one at all.
  8. There are a lot of scam artists/people with stolen cc's and people who like to do charge backs, it ruins it for everyone!
  9. I always try to ask for the manager by name, whom I've spoken to before. Last time I wanted to order a second bag by phone, after having gone in and bought one. The SA I talked to started telling me that I couldn't use the PCE, after we had discussed what I wanted, etc. I told her that unless she gave me the discount, I wasn't buying the bag. That settled it, and I got my discount.