Question about Peyton

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  1. Well I just bought a Peyton 13051 for 280.00 and I wanted to know what's the difference between 13051 and 13547? Did I get a good deal? The bag is in great condition.
  2. 13051 is the Peyton from the FP store. It was supposedly "Bleecker Street Limited Edition" until Coach in all its unwiseness moved them out to the outlet. Then they had the even more unwiseness of making a tag change and shipping the exact same bag back to the outlets in the MFF edition, which has an F on the creed.

    Gorgeous bag. Horrible marketing.
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    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    13501 is the Patent Peyton
    13547 is the Metallic Leather Peyton
    Yes, the price is almost 1/4 of the original retail price, and thats a steal. Although the outlets do have their own factory version, some still have the FP versions. But the differences are very minimal.
  4. Cool, now lets see! Congrats!!!
  5. I agree peyton is beautiful post her up :O)
  6. I will as soon as the Peyton arrives :smile:
  7. I can't wait to see pics either! Then you'll have to join our Peyton's Place club :balloon:
  8. Yes, now i'm reading the 28 pages the Peyton club has :smile:

    btw, I just noticed something. The pictures of the peyton doesn't have a handtag.

    I just emailed asking where it is. It says in the description it comes with one
  9. Anyone knows?
  10. they usually hang on that O ring on the right that also attaches one side of the front handle... no idea where this one is hiding though
  11. Direct all classic Peyton questions to Johnnie! If she duzn't have an answer it duzn't exist! ;)
  12. I'm waiting on the sellers response
  13. Yes the outlet one has the lozenge tag and the boutique ones have a different hangtag that says limited edition on the back!
  14. It should have one. I hope the seller gets back to you quickly. I wish it had a metal one to match the hardware, as well as the one it comes with, but alas...
  15. I'm reviving this thread, because I actually FOUND a brand new 2008 Peyton Patent 13051 at the Wrentham Outlets in Ma, sitting on a shelf by her lonesome. Originally $898, got her for $204. Will post pics asap. Supposed to be on a ban but something told me this was a rare find. Any other info would be mucho appreciated!