Question about Peridot

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  1. I read somewhere that peridot is a soft stone and can loose color over time and or can get nicks.. is this true? I just got a new ring and want to know how to care for it.
  2. I unfortunately cant answer your question but I just wanted to add my 2 cents: I looove peridot! I always have...its just a gorgeous stone. Where are the pics of your new ring? I'd love to see it!:tup:
  3. I have to take pictures, haven't gotten around to that yet. It is an oval shape encased in prongs.. with diamonds on the sides. I am wondering how to care for the diamond.. Does soap harm it?
  4. Soap wont harm a diamond at all...the only thing I would be concerned with is leaving a residue behind.
  5. I know it could chip if you are not careful... but I never heard of it losing color.
  6. Peridot is a soft stone as is emerald. Just be careful with it and check with your jeweler about how the best way to clean it is. I don't know about losing color, again check with your jeweler.
  7. My birthday is in August so I am well acquainted with the peridot :yes: I don't clean mine, I take it to the jewelry store and I don't wear them when they might get dirty or get soap on them etc. None of mine have lost color and my oldest one is about 20 years old.
  8. Do you take off your rings when you need to wash your hands? That to me is dangerous, in possibly loosing it. I don't want to take them off, but soap will get in and on it.
  9. u should try to take off ur rings when u wash ur hands to keep soap and dirty water from getting in them.
  10. I would be so afraid of forgetting to put the rings back on. I'll just wash my hands w/ the rings on, I'd rather have soap residue than no ring at all. Maybe at home it is okay but then I'd be afraid of knocking it down the drain or something like that!
  11. I NEVER take my rings off to wash my hands. It's easier for me to put them in jewelry cleaner when they're dirty than to risk losing them down the drain, or leaving them by the sink somewhere.

    When I'm in desperate need of lotion and I'm out somewhere, I usually hold my engagement ring in my mouth to make sure I don't lose it!

    If you're looking for something gentle to clean soft stones (and even pearls), try GemCare. It's ammonia free and does a great job on all my jewelry. You can buy it on Amazon.
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    I own an online jewelry business and always err on the side of caution. Ivory soap or any plain soap is best, however I like to steam my jewelry. This cleans metals like tarnished silver very well and I know that many jewelers prefer this method. Just boil some water in a tea kettle and wait until it starts to steam. Then, using tongs hold your ring in the steam for a few minutes being careful not to burn yourself. This is a great disinfectant as well. Double-check if you can do this with peridot, but I clean my diamonds that way.

  13. Despite the fact that it's my birthstone, I don't know anything about Peridot and I've never owned one.
  14. The purpose of setting a stone is also to provide protection against chocs.
    So if your stone is well set, you should not have too many problems.
    Do you bang your jewels a lot?
  15. ^^no I try to be very careful