Question about perfume print shoes!

  1. Ok, thanks to sarah1029, I've decided to complete my perfume print collection and buy the shoes, lol. Question is, do I go for the wedges or the slippers (flip flops) For those who own both, which is more comfy? Are the wedges really high, and are they comfy?? Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have the wedges (Grace) and they're not comfy for long periods of time. They're about 4.5" tall and they really make the arch of my foot hurt. I'd go for the Starla's (flip flops), those look comfier to me and you'd be able to wear them longer.
    Also, there was a pair of wedge flip flops that looked better, I think those were called Electra? I looked for those for awhile but gave up, they seem pretty comfy too.
  3. Thanks! You're so helpful :love:
  4. You're welcome! Hope you find the ones you want!
  5. I own the Grace wedges and I normally don't wear heels, I am more of a flats girl. But I think they are really comfy for being high.
  6. Do Coach shoes run big or small? I wear a 5.5 to 6 in other brands... wonder if I should get 5.5 or 6!
  7. Depends on the style..the flats run larger, so I get those a half a size smaller, but the wedges tend to run a little bit smaller, so I get those a half a size larger. My flats are all 7's and wedges (particularly the Grace ones) are size 8. Hope that helps!
  8. If you've got a Nordstrom Rack near you, you may be able to try on a pair there to see what size fits you best. I was there this afternoon and they had a ton of this particular shoe (the wedges at least).
  9. I tried on Coach shoes at Macys today :drool: