Question about Perfo Speedy...

  1. I currently own only one LV bag which is the Speedy 30. Well, there is store in my town that buys 'authentic' pre-loved bags from people and kind-of cleans it and sells it. Well, I never saw any bags that I liked but yesterday I saw a Perfo Speedy for $950. I'm thinking of buying it but I had one question about the authenticity of it. Everything seems to be fine, but I noticed that the leather tab on the side (left) does not have the "Louis Vuitton made in France" marking on it. I know my speedy has it but does the Perfo have that stamped too? I know the lady so I know she wouldn't lie to me about it so I just wanted to see what you guys have to say. Thank you!
  2. hi! i have a fuschia perfo speedy, and there is no louis vuitton made in france on the little tab.
  3. Thanks betseylover! Maybe I'll buy it then. :p