Question about PCE event and OOS item

  1. I really want the Mandy signature in khaki/ebony and see it will be back online on 4/15. does anyone know if I could buy a signature Mandy during the PCE event, and exchange it for the ebony when it comes in? thanks!
  2. You might be able to order it in the color you want, at the PCE.
  3. I was excited the other day to see that my local store is carrying this bag in stock. Maybe you can find one at the store.
  4. you could probably be able to order it at pce considering they have that "presale" week.
  5. you saw the khaki/ebony combo in the mandy in a store? it's completely sold out online, and my store was out.
  6. but it won't be available until 4/15???
  7. sprinkles? can you help? i sent you a PM about this. thanks!
  8. i had a customer who had the same problem (diff bag) and this is what i told her to do, in front of my manager, and he didn't have a problem with it.

    it's just a matter of buying it in the signature in another color now, and when it becomes available do an even exchange.

    she wanted the older mandy style, the huge one? 798$ in white, but we only had chocolate in the store and white is not available to order.