Question about PCE & boutiques

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  1. Ok so I know that to get a PCE card you need to shop in a boutique.. BUT do you have to shop in the same boutique?

    Thanks and apologies if this has already been asked..
  2. Hmm, great question!
    I would assume it'd be any boutique, but I haven't a clue.
    I will be checking back on this thread to hear what the experienced Coach shoppers have to say.
  3. I think the actual mechanics of it is a mystery. Some people buy one swing pack and get a PCE invite, others spend hundreds at the boutique and have to resort to bidding on eBay for the invite!

  4. According to the SA I spoke with today they are cutting the PCE's down to one a year and the next will be late fall :sad:

    But she mentioned something about my zip code being important-- however, since they track all your purchases with their database I really doubt it matters where you buy things at.

    Hope this helps!
  5. No, The computer system has your info in it. I bought my last bag at one store then the next store I went to they asked for my zip and then said is this Amanda i was like WOW.
  6. All of their computers are linked up, so all of your boutique purchases will be in there.
  7. yup...i shop at 2 boutiques on diff sides of the country and i did have that worry but it all works out in the end.
  8. Where do the PCE cards come from - corporate or from the stores?

  9. They come corporately. You just need to spend in any store to be included in promotions.