Question about PCE "accumulated" purchases...

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  1. If this has been addressed before, I apologize for starting a new thread, I am still new here and I did an unsuccessful search.
    My question for you experts is this...

    Do purchases from ALL Coach stores count towards qualifying for PCE, or is it done on a store by store basis? I have a new Coach store in my town and one 2 hours away and have made purchases from both. Does Coach keep track of all purchases to determine PCE invitations, or does each store? I want to buy a few more things and am trying to decide where to buy them from! Like many of you, I also have a PCE shopping list!
    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. PCE is random so although your info is in a computer there is NO guarantee that even if you spent $1000 from march til now that you will get a PCE invite. I do belive that as long as they are purchased in a store then it is possible to get PCE, online and outlets are a no go but stores yes.

    For your own shopping, I suggest sticking to one store and SA and developing a relationship with them.
  3. Good idea. Unfortunately our local store SA's seem "confused". I went in to order several things the other day and I knew more than they did...and I'm new to Coach! Oh well, maybe we can all learn together!
  4. I don't understand why everyone gets all worked up about PCE and the mechanics of qualifying. The invitations do not have your name on them and they generally can be bought on eBay for under $10 including shipping so if you really want one and don't recieve one of your own just buy one. No biggie. There is no point in "trying " to qualify - it's a random process largely. And clearly lots of people get them who have no intention of using them because they show up by the dozens on eBay!!
  5. and, besides, i think nearly everyone can nicely ask an sa for it anyways.

    but i think the point is "earning" it, kwim?
  6. I saw the SA's in my favorite Coach boutique scanning cards for EVERYONE on the last day of the sale whether they had one or not. If the cards are random, why do I get one for every event? I was also allowed to purchase bags that were considered "excluded". Is this up to the individual stores or do certain regions, like NY, know there is a lot of competition and they don't want to lose sales? Just thinking out loud. :smile:
  7. I don't think they are random. I get mine from a store in San Diego where I used to purchase all my Coach stuff until I moved. An SA there used to call me beforehand and leave me a voice mail telling me that they had sent one to me and to be looking in the mail for it. So I don't think it's random at all. At least not in my case.

  8. Yes, I get that same kind of phone call. They also mention shopping ahead of time to guarantee getting what I want.
  9. Exactly. So that's why I'm pretty sure it isn't randomly assigned by a Coach computer system or anything like that.

    Honestly I think people's best bets are to shop in one Coach store in particular, and get friendly with the SA's. And if you're going to buy one of the more expensive bags, DEFINITELY get it in that store, rather than online. As far as I'm away online purchases don't help you get PCE cards because they're sent by the store itself.
  10. i belive they get a list and are supposed to call, its for the pre-sale type thing. getting a card IS random.
  11. Like I said, I am new to Coach and this forum and am trying to understand what PCE is and how it works. Just because you have experienced PCE before and understand it completely, please don't condem those of us who are new here and trying to understand it for ourselves.

  12. My SA said that the PCE cards go out to the top 10% of purchasers. I don't know if that's accurate, but that's the last thing I was told.
  13. Thanks. I didn't mean to sound "snippy", but I am just trying to understand it all.
  14. if u go in to the store, ask for the manager, introduce yourself, say you shop at coach all the time (it will help if u have on coach i guess lol) and say you didnt get a card, they should give you one.

    I didnt get one and I called the store I shop at and the manager said he would hold one for me!
  15. Huh, well if it is, then I randomly get one just about every time they have a PCE event. That's why I feel it can't be completely random. My luck isn't that good. *L*